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1/10 Scale Rc Drift Bodies

This 1/10 scale rc drift body is a great addition to your rc car collection. It features a front radiator and a large scale rc body accessories silver intercooler. This body is perfect for those who want to boost the performance of their rc car.

1/10 Scale Rc Drift Bodies Ebay

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1/10 Scale Rc Drift Bodies Amazon

This is a 1/10 scale rc drift body accessory that includes accessories such as rc drift body accessories red. this is a scale rc drift body that is equipped with a muffler and accessories. It is 70"l x 30"w x 10"h. this neoprene body shop- wrap-up of rc 110 scale metal nitrous nos bottle accessories for on road drift racing car. This product is a scale metal body kit that can be built from white metalatar card stock and top quality plastic. The kit includes a metallized nute bottle and car- like handle with a d-ring for attaching to a car wind guard. This product is complete with all hardware and instructions. This is a great accessory for a drift racing car! this 1/10 scale rc drift body shell is scale and is made of durable silver material. This body shell has a silver accessory capitalization on the front. The body shell has a wing rear mirror and a scale wing rear mirror. The body shell also has a scale for the amount of room in the car that is the size of the body. This scale body shell is perfect for car enthusiasts or anyone who loves to drive their cars.