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1/24 Scale Diamond Plate

This 1/24 scale diamond plate is designed to look like a straight line. It has a hydro dipped dragster body that is made to look like a size 6d.

Cheap 1/24 Scale Diamond Plate

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Top 10 1/24 Scale Diamond Plate

This 1/24 scale diamond plate has been reverse-engineered and is now a straightline hydro dipped dragster body. The diamond plate has a bh-76dia brand name and is yours for $6, this is a 1/24 scale diamond plate model of a 121 scale diecast car from the ford crown victoria series. The car is from the georgia state police and is93 scale diecast. It is a model that can be built on the flat or raised terrain of the ballpark. The car features a large code 3 on the front windshield and a large georgia state flag on the side. The car is complete with all components ready to go. The dragster has a hydro dipped design and is made with a body type that is straight and level. The hanger is a. 250"wide and contains a singleunit of. 25" dollar gold. The body is finished with a vienna sandbloom design and the handle is made with a synthetic leather browning. The wheel is made with a 1. 5"deep diamond plate with a. 250"wide surface. this is a 1/24 scale diamonds diecast model car from the county of georgia state police. It is a 124 scale diecast model car. It features a black and white television screenprint, and features a code 3 engine. The car is displaying the county of georgia state police logo on the front bumper. The car is also displaying a "93" on the left side of the car.