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1/5 Scale Rc Tires

Looking for awd gear for your rc truck? look no further than the 1/5 scale rc tires that fit the 5t sc km perfectly. These tires are made with% grade non-toxic materials that are% grade strong and durable. They are% grade rust-resistant and% grade water-resistant. They are% grade wind-proof and% grade rain-proof. They are% grade h2o-permeable. These tires are a great choice for rc trucks that want to take on the nola rd tracks and also the more difficult ncsoft tracks.

New Bright Land Rover LR2 wheels and tires 1/15 scale RC

New Bright Land Rover LR2 wheels and tires 1/15 scale RC

By New Bright Industrial Co., Ltd


rc copperhead tires 1/5 Scale

1/5 Scale Rc Wheels

There are many different types of rc wheels on the market, but we recommend the use of the 5/8" size rc wheels by d3h. These wheels are easy to care for and have a good lifespan, making them a good choice for professional use.

1/5 Scale Tires

This is a 15-scale tires set of 2 for your sc truck. It includes 2 wheels and 2 tires. The wheels are oferding from 5-inch size and the tires are oferding from 2. 5-inch size. looking for a 124" scale rc rock crawler? look no further than our wheels and tires! They come in chrome, green, and black, and are just the right size for any rc vehicle! this 15 scale rc tires on 20 spoke rims set of 4 has a horse power design that makes it perfect for the stock mustang. It comes with the option of 5 sizes for from small to large. The tires are baja 5r mustang and are made with 4 sizes in mind. They are 20 spoke wide and up when using the included 5 sizes. this set of rc tires on 20 spoke rims is a great choice for the stock mustang and will make it through even the most severe roughest use. these rc tires are the perfect size for the new rc excavator that comes with the product. They are a215/80r16 wheels and tires. The hubby loves that they are so smooth and easy to work with.