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1/6 Scale Action Figure

Looking for a 16-scale action figure? look no further than our models' bodies! - 16 muscular bodies, 14 nude bodies, on one figure! - accurate to the body, the figure also offerssummary of 16-scale action figure bodies: - 14-carat sapphire blue diamond- happydash, - 16. 9 carat yellow diamond, - 1/6th scale, 16-inch circumference, easy to find and put on display. - made in the usa.

1/6 Scale Action Figure Ebay

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1/6 Scale Action Figure Walmart

This is a great for someone who wants to get their act together and look their best! This 16 scale action figure is perfect for your cosplay needs! He has a muscular body and is made out of high quality materials. This is a great choice for anyone! this 16 scale body model is perfect for those who want to create their own muscular man figure. This zc toys figure is built in to a base model and comes with a 16 scale body model that is built to look like a real man. He features perfect body shape and weight gain features that help you to create a complete figure that is true to the story. This 16 scale male muscle man figure is perfect for any cosplay or dollhouse figure production. the 16 scale flexible female action figure body for hot toys tbleague phicen doll is a perfect addition to any collection. This body is made of high quality plastic and isalking with it to be a perfect fit for any phicen doll. The body has several sections that are susceptible to be customized to any style or character from the hot toys tbleague phicen doll line. From the get-go, this body is no-nonsense with a single section for the head, eyes, and nose. The rest of the body is divided into several sections again, each with a choice of color and piece of clothing that can be included. The body also includes a single section for the title "tbleague phicen doll", which is a perfect addition to any collection. this 16 scale black top hat for 12 action figure doll accessories will make your doll look and feel like a million bucks! This top hat has been designed with a 12 scale action figure inside of it. The hat also has straps and a goldtone color to it that will make your doll look like a celebrity or a namebrand product title.