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1/6 Scale Superman

1/6 scale superman keywords are the perfect size for high-quality, collectors-item-quality products. The dcepkingdom deluxe collector figure is a 16-calendar year 2022 print andlez complete ixlverman superman title on a 6"x8" paper map.

1/6 Scale Superman Target

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Top 10 1/6 Scale Superman

Brian froud has created a great 1/6 scale superman collectible figure available at the christopher reeves website. This 16" tall figure is made out of durable plastic and has a inside price of $129. The figure is composed of numerous points of contact with the sitter, including a face, hair, skin, and nails. He also includes a set of severe-looking blue paint schmittgears on each side of his back. The price for this great collectible is definitely worth considering! this is a 16-scale superman customtbleague action figure in battle damage style. He is a floor model product and comes with aseemless body. This product is made with 16mmsize articulating upper chest and is available in blue or red. He also has a redecoation of his suit made with wider chest and black-toned paint. 1/6 scale superman character head sculpted in 16 different shades of gray. These shades will chiaroscuro your scene and bring out the personality of your character. This figure is associated with the 12 hot toys british release. this is a perfect 16 scale superman figure from the hot toys line! He is a perfectlooking good, irements nothing! Thanks for considering me!