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1/72 Scale Modern Military Figures

This is a 1/72 scale german paratroops figure from the world war ii. She is a warrant officer with the gestapo and is a successful operative. This is a top quality figure that is ready to add some extra excitement and excitement to your reeveves retexture project.

1/72 Scale Soldiers

The new. 72 scale military is a great option for those looking for a fun and interesting way to play with war games. This scale military looks great in any game that needs a large area to be played with. The new military has a variety of weapons and armor that can be played with any game type.

1/72 Scale Military Figures

This 1/72 scale military figure from strelets is a beautiful individualise and perfect for depicting a frontline soldier with hq and squadrons in front of him. With a beautiful siamese color style, this figure is sure to give your audience a great looking troops unit to display and home top of your display room. this military miniature 1 72 scale is for the orion 172 scale wwii british tank crew. They are wearing winter dress, with some figures having shoes and some having no shoes. The figure within the dress has a european-style hat on their head. This military miniature is contains 12 figures. this 1/72 scale red box wwii ijn pilots ground crew is composed of 14 separate figures! The figures are made out of vibrant green and black plastic, and include a ground crew truck, employee counter, and more! The figures are 2022 release and are available in asprue 72053 condition. this 1/72 scale modern military figures is a great choice for any strete mickey and doomed projects! He is inspired by the spirit of the re-bellion and is features a large shield andmetal framework. The figure has a great detail with a great decal system. Show your love for mickey and doomed with this great stretemickey figure!