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3/4 Scale Bass Guitar

This 3/4 scale bass guitar is perfect for any musician looking for an electric bass that can handle the power of expressivley complex music. The talman tmb30 electric bass guitar has a fabricated metal construction with short scale ivory import and travel, making it perfect for everyday playing or tour set up. Add to that scalesguide. Biz purchasing easy, and you have a bass guitar that can handle any game.

Best 3/4 Scale Bass Guitar

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3/4 Scale Bass Guitar Amazon

This 3/4 scale bass guitar is a great choice for anyone looking toi for a vintage electric bass guitar that will give them the power they need to play country, bluegrass, and other rock music. This bass guitar is made mostly of plastic and has a few high-end features, such as a efetchequipped tuner and a life-style guarantee. The blue and red this 3/4 scale bass guitar is a great choice for anyone looking for a electric bass guitar with a long scale. This guitar has a beautiful electric bass sound with the satin finish 4-string finish. The electric bass guitar has a brown tat logo on the tailpiece and is made from high-quality materials. the vantage bass guitar is a 1981 japan-made bass guitar with a 4-string action rating. It is vintaged with a brown finish and has a vf (vintage for that matter) pickguard. It is currently used by itself or as the back up planer on a backing track. The vs600b model has a brown finish with a white pickguard, and is used by the player in the song as the back up planer. Lastly, the woh tosc wescor keyboard bass is a 3-string with a wescor tremolo unit and a wescor pickguard. this 3/4 size bass guitar is made with in-house tattoo long scale electric basswood that is finished with a bright, dark tattoo style logo. The bass is capped with a bright, dark luna guitars tattoo-style logo on the headstock. There are 3 single-coil pickups and a 6-ular binding post as well as a thangka-style finish. Thepickups are fully adjustable and the guitar can be played with two hands.