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Antique Kitchen Scale

This vintage-looking kitchen scale is very easy to use and looks like it would have been used often and on place. The scale has a modern-day digital readout and is quite sturdy. It's a good value for the price you pay,

Antique Vintage Kitchen scale
antique kitchen scale vintage

Farmhouse Kitchen Scale

In our farmhouse kitchen, we use a kitchen scale to measure our food and ingredients. The scale has a digital readout and is easy to use because it has a 3-year warranty. The scale is used everyday and has never been used again? sales? the scale is a great tool to have if you are like us and always feel the need to add more food to your kitchen table. The scale can help you equalize ingredients, determine the perfect cooking temperature for your cooking, and more. so what are you waiting for? get the farmhouse kitchen scale today!

Antique Farmhouse Scale

This antiques scale is from the 24 lbs category and is made of metal. It is comfortable to grip with its comfortable design and stylish look. This scale can handle all the ford models 8-inch cuts comfortably. It has a heavy-duty battery system that lasts and is easy to use. This scale is the perfect tool for any kitchen. this farmhouse scale is in great condition with only some minor use signs. The interior is covered in 25 lbs working condition farmers market kitchenwaterville pattern. The kitchen features a charming vintage kitchen table and chairs, kitchen sink, cold water and hot water dispenser. The table and chairs are in great condition and the kitchen is fully functioning with great value. This farmhouse scale is a great value for your purchase! this antiques store has a large selection of food scales and you can find any type of scale including looms, kitchenaid, keurig, and more. The geneva, switzerland-based store is a part of scalesguide. Biz store chain and has location in many countries. this vintage kitchen scale is made from durable plastic and has a natural looking color change. It has a release button and works with averett scales. This kitchen scale is a great addition to any family.