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Fairbanks Scales

This online store offers vintage Fairbanks scales with weights and other scales related items, the store offers a wide selection of scales, from small scales up to large commercial scales. The store also gives a variety of other tools and equipment, such as fashion salts and detergent pods.

Antique Fairbanks Scale Catalog

This is a vintage antique Fairbanks scale catalog, it is over 80 pages long and contains detailed illustrations and plans for a range of antique Fairbanks doctors lamps and watches. The catalog is full of information on make, model, and type of instrument and how it was used, there are also photos and illustrations of the instrument in use and how it was used by the antiques marketeer. Is a complete and original scale side by side brass pan, it is in excellent condition with no missing figures, scales or noses. It is conjointly in excellent condition with missing, it is a beneficial addition to tool collection. The Fairbanks platform scale is an old-fashioned scale that measures weight and size, it is manufactured of cast iron and provides a loud click to give you an accurate measure. This is a vintage grain platform scale that is in excellent condition, the scale gives a few small marks on the face but only a few. The scale works perfectly and measures at 9, 5".