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Kato N Scale Train Sets

Looking for a top quality kato n scale train model? look no further than our 10-1512 train model train sets. We specialize in unique kato n scale train models, so you can be sure you're getting a quality product. Whether you're looking for the traditional kato n scale train set or the updated series kato n scale train set, we have the perfect set for you. Our sets are tailored to the needs of the unique kato n scale train model collector. So come on over and see for yourself how great our sets are!

Kato N Scale Starter Train Sets

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Cheap Kato N Scale Train Sets

The kato n scale union pacific 106-0012 is a new train set from kato n scale that is sure to impress! With its stylish design and spacious interior, this set provides an excellent way to learn about train engineering. Plus, the set includes a unitrack and all the tools required to build your own train. this is a great chance to get your hands on the latest kato n scale train sets. The n scale thing means that the train is made to look like a natural animal, like a kangaroo. And these sets come with this in-house scale starter set that is perfect for new train enthusiasts. The n scale train comes with over 10 set contains all the items you need to get started right away. Kato n scale train -1x control console -1x bookshelf -1x stockinged feet -1x trousers -1x warnings -1x red lamps -1x blue lamps -1x tensioner -1x level -1x transistor machine -1x first aid kit -1x summary sheet -1x clock -1x horn -1x stop lamp -1x first aid kit -1x kato n scale train set 1x kato n scale train set 1x control console 1x bookshelf 1x stockened feet1x trousers1x warning1x red lamps1x blue lamps1x tensioner1x level1x transistors1x first aid kit1x kato n scale train set 1x first aid kit 1x kato n scale train set 1x summary sheet 1x clock1x horn1x stop lamp1x first aid kit1x kato n scale train set 1x kato n scale train set 1x kato n scale train set 1x scale starter set 1x kato n scale train 1x scale to start with 1x kato n scale train set 1x scale This is a great opportunity to get a new kato n scale train set! This set comes with a santa fe super chief starter train and a 10-foot-tall, 6-inch-high, 1/2-inch-deep gauge track. The train can travel at a average of 50 miles per hour and can reach a speed of 55 miles per hour. the kato n scale train products v2 are a new and improved version of the model train set kato n scale train. This set comes with a single track viaduct set 20-861-1. The set includes 20-861-1 single track viaducts (top), and is complete with track and all components, including uniactors and wagons. The set is easy to build and is a great gift for the train lover in your life.