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Mainstays Kitchen Scale

Kitchen is giving away a $100 coupon code for the scale! This Scale renders a weight of 2 lbs and is new, the Scale will eyebrows up to 4 lbs and can handle up to 2 lbs worth of items. The Kitchen Scale is a must-have for any kitchen.

Mainstays Round Digital Scale
Mainstays Kitchen Scale & Diet Scale

Mainstays Glass Digital Kitchen Scale

The Mainstays stainless steel digital Kitchen Scale is a practical way for individuals who yearn for a digital Kitchen Scale that can handle 11 lbs, the Scale renders a digital read out and is facile to read. This Scale is conjointly made of stainless steel which will last and operate on low noise levels, the Mainstays Kitchen Scale is a Kitchen measuring device that safely and quickly fills small spaces with precision. With its precision and easily-on-screen display, the Mainstays Kitchen Scale makes a breeze, the Mainstays slimline digital Scale is a slimline Scale that peerless for busy environments. It is straightforward to set up and use, with a digital readout that makes it effortless to track weight and volume, this digital Kitchen Scale is unrivalled for small kitchens with a small budget. It provides to quickly measure ingredients and things down, and presents a basic, easy-to-use interface, the Scale can be connected to your phone for effortless one time use, and gives a timer so you can keep track of the time needed to make your meals.