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Ohaus Scale

This ohaus scale is perfect for measuring out food or drink. It has three beam-like hours with each weight being read in a different order. The scales are balance-able and have weights at the end to make it easy to move around. The scale also has a clock and percentage marks on the side.

Ohaus scale, 1210-00

Ohaus scale, 1210-00

By Ohaus


Ohaus HH320 Hand Held Scale

Ohaus Digital Scale

The ohaus digital scale is a great way to keep track of your weight and food eating over the course of a day! You can set it to track weight, cup size, or food eating and get really good at tracked down food!

Ohaus Digital Scales

The ohaus digital scales are a great option for measuring food and drink intake. The explorer e11140 is an analytical balance scale that has been approved by the uk government for use in research. This scale has a weight capacity of 10kg and measures food and drink intake. The scale also has a clear plastic design and is easy to clean. the ohaus c305-p portable plus electronic balance scale is a scale that is perfect for small spaces. It is made with a large scale in the front that can read scales in grams, ounces, or tablespoons. The back of the scale has a beep that goes off when the scale is full, and a beep every time the scale is stepped on. The scale also has a beep sound when it is in the low setting. The ohaus c305-p portable plus electronic balance scale is a perfect choice for those who want a scale for their home or office. this is a scale made in the 60's that is in excellent condition. It has a balance 2610 gram scale and is testable at 2610 grams. It is a vintage piece and has the usual ohaus marks on it. This scale is a great addition to any collection. the ohaus scale compass is a great way to improve your compass grading skills! This scale is compatible with the new ohaus redistriction of the compass. It gives you an extra 6 degrees of freedom when grading, iasco scale compass cx1201 new.