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Ohaus Scales

If you're digging for a scale that will make your baking and cooking easier, the Ohaus triple beam scale is an enticing choice, it gives a heavy-duty build and can handle even the heaviest items. Plus, it imparts a back and forth translate scale that makes it straightforward to measure out food.

Ohaus HH320 Hand Held Scale
Ohaus 800 series 5 lb  triple beam scale

Ohaus 800 series 5 lb

By Ohaus


With Stainless Steel Platform,  Model Ch30r

Ohaus Scales Walmart

The Ohaus scale is a new balancing beam in newark, it is fabricated of milk glass tacos and features scales to measure body and breath, the Ohaus scale helps to balance and improve health by regulating heart function. This set of vintage Ohaus apothecary scale weight set is excellent for any apothecary needs! You can use them to scale up or down your medication to better suit your own body environment, the weight and size is top-notch for on-the-go pharmacists! This is an unique and unique scale that is manufactured from 14 scientific apothecary weights. It is a beautiful piece that will add to your collection, the Ohaus scale is a splendid balance of weight and power. It features a triple beam balance scale that measures 810 grams, this equipment is terrific for the more extreme athletes out there. The scale imparts a rating of 2610 g which is 5 lb 2 oz, this equipment is again ratios guide compatible which makes it straightforward to use. The scale is fabricated of durable materials that will last for a long time.