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Rock Scale Design

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Rock Scale Design Amazon

This rock scale design is for the box car that was used in theoretical locomotives. It is a lot of 2 product and is available in the following colors: rock scale design is a perfect addition to any home or workshop and is perfect for using in powered locomotive builds. this is a great step-up boxcar for those who want to be able to handle big objects with ease. The rock-scale design provides superior performance through the entire car journey, and the 50 precision design makes it easy to handle big objects. Plus, the included rib-side boxcars provide a nice finish and provides some extra strength for larger objects. this is a great bought for those looking for a cool rock crawler truck that would go great with their rc 110 beer box. The scale design will be easy for kids to understand and give them a sense of how big and powerful the truck is. this is a scratch built farm from the software rock citybarn farm. You can see it in action in the frontflats section of the website. This farm is also see as a background for your ads and scalesguide. Biz marketing tools.