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Sambar Stag Knife Scales

This is a great hand-hold for knife shopping. The 3 12 x 1 18 handle is perfect for strict knife rules and regulations. The scales and knife- scales are patterned together to create a perfect line of protection. The sambar stag knife is made from premium materials and will protect your money and your hand.

Sambar Stag Knife Scales Walmart

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Best Sambar Stag Knife Scales

This sambar stag knife has a 4x1 hand handle and is available in scales. It has a dark brown, leather-like material on the top and bottom of the handle. There is a black anodize finish on the blade and it has a black h100 scales. this is a great opportunity to purchase a 3 pair genuine sambar stag knife handles scales 4 x 1. This is a great knife for everyday use or for protection. The sambar stag knife has a dark brown color and is made of heavyduty stainless steel. It has a sharpness of 459mm and theala is 3mm. this sambar stag knife has a3 12 scales and a1 18 blade. It is perfect for sharpening your blades or sharpening your scabbards. The scales provide plenty of range on the knife, while the black handle is comfortable to hold. the sambar stag knife has a high-quality 3 12 x 1 18 scale and are perfect for cutting game. The handle is premium quality and is also scaly enough to protect your hand when working with heavy prey.