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Spyderco Delica Replacement Scales

This is a top-grade opportunity to purchase your own Replacement scales, the Delica scale is an 4-in-1 scale that includes a plate that contains the torx screws. This scale is a terrific tool for keeping track of your measures and can also be used as a scale for weighing items.

Delica Scales

This is an 4 x titanium fh phillips screws set for your Delica 4, they come in different sizes and colors. This is a sterling tool for keeping track of food ingredients and weight in food processes, the scale screw is flat and effortless to use, and it can be stored in a storage container or inside a tool bag. The screw is also 1/4" diameter with other screws, this Delica Replacement scales renders a solid glow in the dark handle that makes it look like it is completely black. This makes it straightforward to see in use, and make sure that anything that comes in contact with your skin is scared before long, this is a delica-style scales with a central hole and eight scale holes. It is designed to be worn on a knife keyed in the left side of the body, the scale renders a Delica design because it is manufactured from a strong and lightweight metal. The presents a whiteish-colored look and feels slim and light, the scale is produced to work with your knife meaning that it fits well but doesn't to do so easily. The scales also have a quick-drying time of "100% and a non-toxic water, " lastly, the uses a "ritual" position in which the knife is held at an angle. This produces a more even distribution of weight on the scale and makes it more difficult for someone to read the reading.