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Triner Scale

This is a vintage triner scale from the post office. It has a metal case and is made out of brass. It is a great addition to your ecommerce store!

Triner Scales

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Triner Postal Scale

This is a vintage 50s antiques piece from chicago. It is a scale that contains a post office box and the number 1 of each year. The post office box is decorated with metal art and the number 1 is written in metal on the box. The scale itself is of good vintage and is entertainable to use. this vintage triner air mail scale is a great way to accuracy measure your air mail doses. The scale can be used to measure out the doses to the desired amount, then use a measuring tape to make measures of just over 1mg/ml. the vintage triner postage scale is a great tool to track your postage with accuracy. It measures the progress of your package from post office to recipient. this antique triner postal scale is a great source of accuracy for your mailings. It is made of metal and isarium style and measures 2-1/4 inches wide x 2-1/4 inches long.