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Used Ho Scale Trains

Looking for a cool vintage 1960s model train? the road rover train set is perfect for you! This set includes a warthog and zigzag mine car from the season's events, as well as a non-stop electricof the same design from 1967. Plus, we've included every necessary piece to make working with model trains a breeze, including our free- stand alone! The road rover train set is the perfect way to enjoy the season - stand-alone or in addition to your other model train sets!

HO Scale Mixed Lot Of 5 Trains

Ho Scale Engine

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Ho Scale Locomotive

This is a potential ho scale locomotive that is for sale for a potential restoration. The locomotive is for sale as is but may beassisted with some additional equipment for a potential test run. The scale locomotive is from the late 1800s and is unknown if it is running or not. It is rusted up and has some cosmetic issues. The locomotive is located in a good location for a potential test run. these are fully assembled warehouse building locomotives from ho scale. They are an excellent choice for those who want to build a small business or home office. this is a ho scale engines! This is a huge mixed lot ho scale train engine. It's a great item for a car or build. It's got a mixed lot of size and finish. It's got nice logs on it and it's huge wheels. this is a goods and services section, meant to provide information on new train addition upcoming for the ho scale locomotives and carriage company. If you're looking for a specific product or item, you can use the link below to look for information on the ho scale locomotives and carriage company.