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Used Scale Model Ships

Our scale models are a high-quality and authentic product that sells for just $5. You'll find a variety of styles and colors to choose from. We offer delivery and sales service as well as customer service. We hope you'll join us in shopping with us!

1:500 scale model of USS Mahan

1:500 scale model of USS Mahan

By comet metal products


Scale Model Ships

The scale model of the ship is now ready to be implemented on your battlefield! She is very easy to build and can be customized to your desired look. Just credit her with a name and make her your own. She can be used as a battle cry or simply an asset to your army. now let’s build her!

Best Used Scale Model Ships

This is a scale model ship that is used in a movie. The ship is a kathleen, and is used in the movie the eisteddfod. this is a used scale model ship that is used to model their 600 cold war model ships. The ship is also used to fly flyers and other popularity ships. The model kit is from the era of dikar lawrence and is a reproduction of a wood ship model kit. This kit is rare and is considered a once-in-a-series piece. The model is from the chatham islands and is considered a valuable maritime artifact. a scale model of a powerful and seaworthy ship, zvezda 1350, is on display at a showroom. She is today's logo and features a battle record that is even older than the ship's history. Her virtual reality display gives users a close-up look at the high-grip plastic hatchimbo ship's deck and funnels around her 15 masts to see hertop of the range in her type, the 1350 scale plastic model ship, zvezda can take you on must-see ship shows or take your show to the next level!